Flashpoint: The Tactical Miniatures Game

Embark on a Thrilling Adventure

In the far-flung future of 2560, humanity stands precariously on the edge of oblivion, its fate nearly sealed by the ravages of the catastrophic Covenant War. Yet, from these devastating conflicts emerge the Spartans, elite super-soldiers forged in the crucible of battle. These warriors engage in unrelenting War Games simulations, testing their mettle and honing their skills against a myriad of formidable threats, including each other. Welcome to Halo: Flashpoint, a tactical miniatures game that plunges you into the role of a Spartan fireteam commander. Armed with legendary Halo weaponry, you’ll navigate classic game modes on a dynamic and immersive tabletop battlefield.

War Games Combat Simulation

Imagine stepping into the War Games combat arena—a place where every decision, every movement, and every shot fired could spell the difference between victory and defeat. The stakes in this combat simulation are colossal, and your strategic brilliance will be the key to prevailing over your adversaries. The battlefield is designed to challenge your tactical acumen, with verticality playing a crucial role. The 61x61cm (2x2ft) board is more than just a surface; it is a three-dimensional chessboard where elevation can provide a strategic advantage, creating an intense and multifaceted skirmish environment.

Choose Your Allegiance: Will you marshal the disciplined might of a Spartan fireteam, clad in the formidable MJOLNIR armour, or will you lead a ferocious lance of Banished Elites, driven by ruthless cunning and brutal tactics? Each faction offers a distinct array of units, abilities, and playstyles. The Spartans embody honour, discipline, and unwavering loyalty, with their advanced weaponry and tactical versatility. In contrast, the Banished, with their raw power and relentless aggression, employ a fearsome arsenal that includes plasma rifles and energy swords.

Fast-Paced Action

Heart-Pounding Gameplay: Halo: Flashpoint is celebrated for its exhilarating action and strategic depth. The game’s ruleset has been meticulously crafted to cater to both newcomers and veteran players. It strikes a delicate balance, ensuring accessibility without sacrificing the complexity that seasoned players crave. As you activate special abilities, manoeuvre your units tactically, and unleash devastating attacks, each battle becomes a thrilling test of strategy and reflexes.

The core gameplay is enriched with familiar Halo modes such as Capture the Flag, Slayer, and Oddball. These modes are not just adaptations but fully realized experiences that capture the essence of Halo’s dynamic combat. Whether you’re capturing an enemy flag under heavy fire or holding onto the Oddball while dodging plasma grenades, every moment in Halo: Flashpoint is a pulse-pounding thrill.

Game Components and Editions

What’s Inside the Box?

Highly Detailed Miniatures: The core Halo: Flashpoint game features an array of meticulously crafted miniatures, bringing the Halo universe to life on your tabletop. Each piece, whether it’s a Spartan, a Banished soldier, or a vehicle, is a work of art, capturing the intricate details and iconic designs of the Halo series.

Battlefield Setup: The game includes a variety of terrain pieces that you can assemble to create iconic Halo locations. Imagine the dramatic firefights of Blood Gulch, the strategic skirmishes of Zanzibar, or the epic battles within the sprawling expanse of High Charity. These terrain pieces not only enhance the visual appeal of the game but also introduce tactical elements that can influence the outcome of battles.

Spartan Edition: For the ultimate Halo fan, the Spartan Edition offers exclusive miniatures and a deluxe set of components. This edition includes:

  • Rulebook, play mat, pre-coloured card terrain, tokens, and a double-sided play board.
  • Weapon cards, player/model cards, reference cards, and a plethora of dice, including D8 and command dice.
  • Exclusive miniatures such as Spartan-II Blue Team, Atriox, and Decimus.

Expansions and Future Battles

Mantic Games plans to expand Halo: Flashpoint with additional units and expansions. Envision recreating legendary Halo battles such as the desperate defence of Reach or the climactic encounters on Installation 04. As the community grows, new scenarios, factions, and challenges will emerge, ensuring that the game remains fresh and exciting.

Mantic’s Expertise

Renowned for their high-quality miniatures, Mantic Games has seamlessly translated the beloved Halo universe to the tabletop. Their dedication to detail and authenticity resonates with both Halo aficionados and tabletop gamers, ensuring an immersive and satisfying experience.

The War Games Arena

War Games Combat Simulation: Envision a virtual arena where Spartans clash, honing their skills and testing their mettle. Halo: Flashpoint captures this intensity on your tabletop, allowing you to strategize, outmanoeuvre opponents, and secure victory.

Verticality Matters: The battlefield’s elevation plays a critical role. Leap from cover to cover, scale structures, and exploit the three-dimensional terrain. The 61x61cm (2x2ft) board is designed for intense skirmishes that require tactical thinking and quick reflexes.

Choose Your Allegiance

Spartans: Embodying honour, discipline, and unwavering loyalty, these augmented warriors are equipped with MJOLNIR armour, bristling with energy shields, and iconic weapons like the MA5 assault rifle.

Banished: Led by battle-hardened Elites, the Banished are ruthless and cunning. Their arsenal includes plasma rifles, energy swords, and fearsome vehicles like the Ghost, providing a unique and challenging playstyle.

Fast-Paced Action

Ruleset: Halo: Flashpoint’s ruleset balances simplicity and depth, making it accessible for beginners while offering complexity for seasoned players. Activate abilities, move tactically, and unleash devastating attacks to dominate the battlefield.

Game Modes: Classic Halo modes such as Capture the Flag, Slayer, and Oddball come alive on your tabletop. Adapt, improvise, and outwit your opponents in these familiar yet thrilling scenarios.

What’s Inside the Box?

Highly Detailed Miniatures:

  • Spartans: Iconic characters like Master Chief, Kelly-087, and Linda-058, each meticulously recreated.
  • Banished Troops: Grunts, Jackals, and Elites, each with unique poses and character.
  • Vehicles: Warthogs, Ghosts, and Scorpions, ready for battle.
  • Terrain Pieces: Assemble locations like Blood Gulch, Zanzibar, or High Charity, bringing the Halo universe to life.

Spartan Edition:

  • Exclusive Miniatures: Spartan-II Blue Team, Atriox, and Decimus.
  • Deluxe Components: Rulebook, play mat, pre-coloured card terrain, tokens, and a double-sided play board.
  • Cards Galore: Weapon cards, player/model cards, reference cards, and custom dice.

Expansions and Future Battles

Future Expansions: Mantic Games has exciting plans for Halo: Flashpoint, including new factions, scenarios, and challenges. Relive the desperate defence of Reach or battle on the ringworld of Installation 04. The community-driven expansion promises continuous growth and evolving gameplay.

Mantic’s Commitment: With a reputation for excellence, Mantic Games ensures that Halo: Flashpoint will remain true to its source material, delivering high-quality miniatures and engaging gameplay that keeps players coming back for more.

Immerse yourself in the tactical thrill of Halo: Flashpoint, where every decision shapes the battlefield and every battle tells a story. Will you lead the Spartans to glory or command the Banished to victory? The choice is yours.

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