Mantic Games has announced that they are going to be working with 343 Industries on a new Halo tabletop game that will be launching directly to retail in September 2024!

Get ready, Halo fans! The beloved franchise is returning triumphantly to the tabletop in 2024, thanks to an exciting new partnership between Mantic Games and 343 Industries. Announced on the Mantic Games website, this highly anticipated miniatures game is set to launch in September, with the first preview slated for March.

“We’re extremely excited to be partnering with 343 Industries on bringing Halo to tabletops everywhere,” said Ronnie Renton, CEO and founder of Mantic Games. “Having a firefight play out on the table while moving Spartans in and out of cover connects players to the action in a new and special way. We have a thrilling and competitive game, from a passionate team of talented sculptors, artists, and designers who have been building an incredible Halo experience.”

Although specific details about the game remained under wraps, the announcement hinted at a “brand-new Halo miniatures combat game.” Based on Mantic’s existing product lines, we anticipate it to be a small-unit skirmish game featuring 28 mm-scale or larger miniatures. This would position it alongside other popular titles like Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone, Necromunda, Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team, Star Wars: Shatterpoint, and Infinity.

A Legacy of Halo Tabletop Games

Halo does have a rich history in tabletop gaming, with numerous licensed board games and miniatures wargames. Notably, Halo: Fleet Battles, a spacefaring wargame, was launched by Spartan Games in 2015 and received positive reviews for its quality miniatures and comprehensive ruleset. This was followed by Halo: Ground Command, a 15 mm-scale wargame that offered a more traditional wargaming experience.

Unfortunately, these games have become hard to find since Spartan Games sold its catalog to Warcradle Studios in 2017. The current announcement did not mention these legacy games, but the Halo Tabletop Community remains hopeful. They have planned events for the legacy Halo games at the upcoming AdeptiCon in Schaumburg, Illinois, demonstrating the enduring passion for Halo tabletop experiences.

What’s Next for Halo Tabletop Gaming?

The upcoming release by Mantic Games promises to bring a new level of excitement to the Halo universe. With a talented team dedicated to creating a thrilling and immersive experience, fans can look forward to engaging in epic battles with their favourite Spartans. Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the March preview and the September official launch.

Whether you’re a veteran wargamer or a Halo enthusiast, this new miniatures skirmish game is set to offer an unparalleled tabletop experience. Keep an eye on Mantic Games’ announcements for the latest news and get ready to dive into the action-packed world of Halo on the tabletop once again.

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