Remembering the Unfulfilled Dreams: Murals Commemorate Young Football Fans Lost to Heart Disease

Ok I am going to keep this one a brief blog as I think the murals say enough and I and others have been touched by Heart Disease.

In a poignant tribute to young lives cut short by heart disease, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) has unveiled a series of powerful murals across the UK. These twelve hand-painted artworks serve as a stark reminder that every week, twelve young people under the age of 35 succumb to sudden cardiac death. As the UEFA Euro 2024 kicks off, these murals commemorate talented footballers and devoted fans who left this world too soon, leaving behind unfulfilled dreams.

The Murals: ‘Til I Died

Each mural tells a heart-wrenching story. One such artwork, located in , Digbeth, Birmingham, honours 15-year-old Myles Christie. Myles, passionate about football, basketball, and athletics, dreamed of becoming a PE teacher. Tragically, in May 2023, he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest, leaving his family shattered. His mother, Hayley, who had already lost her husband to the same condition, reflects on the pain of losing her son: “Losing your child is the worst thing that can happen to you. I never thought I’d lose my husband, let alone my son.” Myles’ younger brother, Carter, now grapples with the absence of both father and brother.

Raising Awareness

The murals, painted in cities like Belfast, London, and Edinburgh, serve as a call to action. They remind us that heart disease knows no age limits. Yet, a recent survey reveals that over a quarter of Brits (27%) believe heart conditions only affect older individuals. The BHF’s campaign aims to dispel this misconception and emphasize the devastating impact of sudden cardiac death on young lives.


Josh had a cardiac arrest whilst playing cricket and died at the age of 24. The artwork in Sneinton Market is part of a British Heart Foundation campaign, aiming to shift the perception that heart disease can happen to anyone at any age. Our reporter, Jayne McCubbin went with the Downie family to see it.

As we celebrate the excitement of Euro 2024, let us also pause to remember those who never got to witness their favourite teams play. These murals stand as a testament to their passion, resilience, and unfulfilled dreams. By raising awareness and supporting heart research, we can strive to prevent more families from enduring the heartache that Hayley and countless others have faced. Let us talk about it, share their stories, and work towards a future where no young heart stops beating prematurely.

Note: The British Heart Foundation’s ‘Til I Died campaign sheds light on the urgent need for research funding and awareness. Let us honour these young lives and champion the fight against heart disease.


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