Disney Lorcana Gets Even Bigger in 2024!

Exciting news for Disney Lorcana fans! Ravensburger has announced many new products and events for 2024, making this a year to remember for the popular trading card game.

Learning Made Easy with Disney Lorcana TCG Gateway:

New players of any age can jump into the magic with Disney Lorcana TCG Gateway, a special set designed for easy learning. Starting with 30-card decks, players gradually add more cards as they master the game’s mechanics, building a full 60-card deck they can truly call their own. The set also includes a game board and character standees, making it a complete learning experience for just (Approximatley) £22.99, launching on August 8th.

Show Off Your Skills in Local Tournaments:

Get ready to battle it out at your local game store! The Into the Inklands Championship kicks off in April, letting you use cards from the upcoming set to compete for exclusive prizes. Top players will win amazing swag like an Enchanted Stitch, Rock Star card and playmat, available only through these events.

The Road to the World Championship Begins:

Disney Lorcana is going global! Regional tournaments starting in May 2024 will determine who qualifies for the North American and European Championships. The worldwide Disney Lorcana Championship will be the ultimate showdown in 2025. So start practicing, because only the best duelists will make it to the top!

New Sets Galore:

Mark your calendars, because Lorcana is expanding with five new sets releasing throughout 2024! While details are still under wraps, the first one arrives in May, followed by others in August and November. Get ready to discover new characters, abilities, and strategies with each exciting release.

We can’t wait to see the new tournament system take off and cheer on the champions! But whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, there’s always a welcome mat at your local game store for some friendly Disney Lorcana fun. So grab your decks and get ready for an epic year!

Ok so on to LeadBelt

  • What does this mean for us? Well if you’re in Nottingham and looking ti pop down and game, great you’re welcome to.
  • If you are looking to set up a local Tournament and need a space, again this is something we can help you with. We have tables, space and know-how.
  • Official leagues, we are on the waiting list for Season 4, and this is exciting news. and for some staff very exciting news. When we know more here we will let you know.

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