In Halo: Flashpoint, humanity's survival hangs by a thread in the year 2560. As a Spartan fireteam commander, navigate the War Games combat arena with tactical precision. Will you lead the disciplined Spartans or the ruthless Banished? With detailed miniatures, dynamic gameplay, and future expansions, this tactical miniatures game brings the legendary Halo universe to your tabletop, offering a blend of strategy, action, and iconic battles.
Explore Halo: Flashpoint, a tactical miniatures game set in the Halo universe. Command Spartans or Banished, engage in strategic battles, and experience dynamic gameplay with detailed miniatures and iconic game modes. Perfect for both new and veteran players, with expansions on the horizon. Pre-order now at LeadBelt Games Arena.
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Exciting news for Halo fans! In 2024, Halo returns to the tabletop with a new miniatures skirmish game by Mantic Games and 343 Industries. Launching in September, this game promises thrilling Spartan battles and immersive gameplay. Stay tuned for more details!
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