LeadBelt Games Arena Announces Pre-Orders for Halo : Flashpoint – Available Online and In-Store


Nottingham, 9/6/24/6/2-24 – LeadBelt Games Arena is thrilled to announce that pre-orders for the highly anticipated tactical miniatures game Halo: Flashpoint – Pre Orders are now available online and in-store. This exciting new addition to the Halo franchise, set in the year 2560, plunges players into a world where humanity teeters on the brink of extinction following the devastating Covenant War. As a Spartan fireteam commander, you’ll navigate the intense War Games combat arena, commanding either the disciplined Spartans or the ruthless Banished Elites.

Experience the Thrill of Halo: Flashpoint

Halo: Flashpoint offers a unique and immersive experience for both Halo fans and tabletop gamers. Players can expect a meticulously crafted game that captures the essence of the Halo universe, featuring:

  • Highly Detailed Miniatures: Each piece, from Spartans to Banished troops, vehicles, and terrain, is a work of art, designed with incredible attention to detail.
  • Dynamic Game Modes: Engage in classic Halo game modes such as Capture the Flag, Slayer, and Oddball, brought to life on your tabletop.
  • Strategic Depth and Fast-Paced Action: The game strikes a perfect balance, ensuring accessibility for newcomers while providing the tactical complexity that seasoned players crave.

Pre-Order Options and Editions

Customers can choose from several editions, each offering unique components and exclusive miniatures. The Spartan Edition is particularly noteworthy, featuring exclusive Spartan and Banished miniatures, a deluxe rulebook, a play mat, pre-coloured card terrain, tokens, a double-sided play board, and an array of cards and dice.

Future Expansions and Continuous Excitement

Mantic Games, renowned for its high-quality miniatures, has exciting plans for future expansions of Halo: Flashpoint. Players can look forward to recreating legendary Halo battles, such as the desperate defence of Reach or the epic confrontations on Installation 04. As the community grows, new scenarios, factions, and challenges will ensure that the game remains fresh and engaging.

Ages 12+

30-60 Min

Two Players

About LeadBelt Games Arena

LeadBelt Games Arena is a premier destination for tabletop gaming enthusiasts. Offering a vast selection of games and accessories, LeadBelt Games Arena is committed to providing an exceptional gaming experience, both in-store and online. Our knowledgeable staff are passionate about games and ready to help you find the perfect addition to your collection.

Ok The core orders first come served, we have a limited Pre-Order stock, so grab stuff while you can..

Pre-Order Details

Pre-orders for Halo: Flashpoint can be made through the LeadBelt Games Arena website or by visiting our store. Early pre-order customers will receive special bonuses, including exclusive miniatures and additional game components.

POP In Store and talk to Us

Visit LeadBelt Games Arena’s Website to pre-order Halo: Flashpoint today, or drop by our store to speak with our team and secure your copy.

Contact Information

LeadBelt Games Arena

  • Address: 4 Longden St, Nottingham
  • Phone: 0115 8717217
  • Email: marketing@hobbyspotz.cio.uk
  • Website: Link Here

Join the tactical thrill of Halo: Flashpoint and lead your Spartan fireteam to victory or command the Banished to dominate the battlefield. The choice is yours.

In Halo: Flashpoint, humanity’s survival hangs by a thread in the year 2560. As a Spartan fireteam commander, navigate the War Games combat arena with tactical precision. Will you lead the disciplined Spartans or the ruthless Banished? With detailed miniatures, dynamic gameplay, and future expansions, this tactical miniatures game brings the legendary Halo universe to your tabletop, offering a blend of strategy, action, and iconic battles.

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