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Tabletop gaming is a unique hobby that has the power to bring people together in ways that few other activities can. Whether it’s a group of friends sitting around a table playing a board game, or a group of strangers bonding over a shared love of miniature wargaming, tabletop gaming has the ability to create connections and build community.

Where it Started

Nottingham Board and Wargames Club

It all started with an idea between two friends, Gary Powell and Matt Anderson. Both avid fans of boardgames and miniature wargaming, they envisioned a club where like-minded individuals could come together and enjoy their hobby in a relaxed and social setting. And so, the Nottingham Board and Wargames Club was born.

The Nottingham Board and Wargames Club’s continued success and dedication to pushing the boundaries of the hobby has led to the development of a new ventures and new people moving in to fill roles over time as older members left to do other jobs and projects. The club has also expanded its focus to include card gaming and role-playing, with dedicated sessions for these activities now a regular part of the club’s schedule. This has helped to attract new members to the club and broaden the appeal of the hobby to a wider audience.

The introduction of these new activities also led to a wave of bold and innovative ideas being proposed and implemented by the club’s members. From hosting miniature painting competitions and game design workshops to organizing gaming sessions and other social events, the club has been at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the hobby.

The Nottingham Board and Wargames Club’s continued success and dedication to pushing the boundaries of the hobby and led to Gary moving forward to he Next development


LeadBelt Games Arena co-founder, Gary Powell,

“We are excited to bring dedicated Wargames, A Wargaming Venue, tabletop gaming venue to the Sneinton Market Creative Hub. Our goal’s to create a community for gamers to come together & to share their love of tabletop gaming in a welcoming & inclusive environment.”

We changed where we were going and took things forward .

HobbySpotz started out as a grand vision – a large physical gaming store and games space where gamers and industry professionals could come together to test out new games, host tournaments, and organize events. However, the business encountered some setbacks early on, losing out on the original plan for a larger venue and having to scale back their plans.

Just as the store was about to open its doors, the world was hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown measures were put in place. The business was unable to operate as originally intended, with a space open to people mixing and gaming. This was a difficult time for the business, but it also presented an opportunity for them to re-evaluate their approach.

The ethos of HobbySpotz shifted from just being a physical space to being a community hub for tabletop gaming. The store became an incubation space, designed to help push and promote the gaming community in different ways. The store’s focus was to build something inclusive that encompasses community both in gaming and in people, regardless of race, neural divergence, sexuality. It’s a safe space and a welcoming one. This then saw How we took in new talents with a license to operate in our place, and saw them set up new businesses or move existing ones. Like Curtis of Ramshackle Games, a miniature games maker, resin caster and old-school sculptor, The Rob of the Honest Wargamer a Twitch, YouTube streamer and tournament organiser and amazing venue site, Matt of Minifactorum a 3d printing usiness. Nick is a Professional figure painter. And just taking up with our old office is Caesar Ink, a small indie tabletop games company.

So we saw an increase in our gaming space, and while we are doing well with the community business plans, the gaming was doing slightly better in regards oir needs, so this is where we chose the look at for our next stage of growth, yet two things happened.

The 3d Printing venture started to take off and a friend came into some inheritance and saw a way to fund an idea of both of ours.
As he was already working on the 3d printing side more, while I was gaming and looking for a way to expand what I was doing. 

About us

Enjoy a gaming space, design & functions combined together

The LeadBelt Gaming Arena is a new and exciting destination for miniature, card and roleplay gaming enthusiasts. Offering a wide range of services and activities, the venue is the perfect place for gamers of all ages and skill levels to come together and enjoy their hobby.

LeadBelt Gaming

The Leadbelt Gaming Arena is a new separate company with private investment from a diverse range of directors some hands on and some silent, but all from or within a Gaming and business background. Leadbelt is the latest addition to the gaming community, and it’s a place where the love for the hobby takes centre stage. The arena is a culmination of years of hard work and dedication by the founders of the Nottingham Board and Wargames Club, and then those that came on over the years and those staff just employed who have been at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the hobby. The arena represents a new opportunity for gamers of all levels and interests to come together and enjoy the hobby they love.

The Gaming Arena is a much larger venue than its predecessor, HobbySpotz. It boasts more gaming tables, a larger space, and a wider range of gaming café options and a dedicated Wargaming Venue. The arena has been designed with the aim of providing a comfortable and welcoming environment for all gamers, regardless of their experience level or interests.

The arena is divided into several sections, each catering to different aspects of the hobby. The main gaming area is equipped with a variety of gaming tables, suitable for Wargaming, historical Wargaming, miniature gaming, card gaming, and role-playing. The tables are well-maintained and equipped with all the necessary gaming accessories, providing a comfortable and enjoyable gaming experience.

The retail section will be diversely stocked with a wide range of products and accessories for miniature, card, board and roleplaying games.
This section is a one-stop-shop for all your gaming needs, including miniatures, paints, dice, and other accessories.
The retail section is also a great place to pick up a new game or two and get some inspiration for your next gaming session.

We also include obviously a community section, where gamers can come together and share their love for the hobby and Wargaming. The community section includes a playtesting area as we are part of Playtest UK, where independent game designers and small publishers can test and provide feedback on their prototypes. This playtesting program has helped to shape the final products and some early stages of a variety of projects and help bring
new and innovative games to the market.

The arena will also included two large dedicated role play gaming spaces, (though its modular concept allows for other uses as its also a hobby site, where people can come together and immerse themselves in their favourite worlds. The role-playing space will be equipped with all the necessary props and accessories, providing a fully-immersive gaming experience. Including miniatures and maps, and created characters.

From Small Steps

The Leadbelt Gaming Arena is a new and exciting addition to the gaming community.

— ★ —

It’s a place where gamers of all levels and interests can come together and enjoy the hobby they love. The arena is equipped with all the necessary facilities and amenities, and it’s a safe and welcoming space for all gamers. The arena is a natural progression of the mission of the Nottingham Board and Wargames Club, and it’s a testament to the hard work and dedication of its founders.

The Leadbelt Gaming Arena is a new opportunity for the gaming community, and it’s a place where the love for the hobby takes centre stage

— ★ —

The Leadbelt Gaming Arena also provides the perfect opportunity for conventions and mini-conventions. The arena has a large space
that can accommodate a large number of gamers, making it the ideal venue for conventions, tournaments, and other events.

Our awesome team

Our staff is the backbone of our organization, and we take great pride in the talented individuals who work with us. With diverse backgrounds and expertise in various fields, our team is committed to providing exceptional service and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Whether it’s through their knowledge, dedication, or creativity, our staff members are passionate about making a difference and contributing to the success of our organization.

We believe that our people are our greatest asset and are dedicated to fostering a supportive and collaborative work environment that enables them to thrive both personally and professionally.

Robert Powell

CEO Business Director

Reasonably Easy going, IT Expert 

Helen Powell

Helen Powell

Manager of
Hells Smells Scents

Friendly and out going manager, highly creative. Charity Organiser

LGTBQ+ & Autism Conversant

Gary powell

Origonal Co-founder
Retired due to health.
Still likes to volunteer and help out,

IT Tech,
Business and Administrationand old hand in the LeadBelt.         


Senior Staff Member, Supervisor

Feisty, sharp, diligent.
Avid Cosplay Maid

Social Media Manager,
Anime, Cosplay, Manga
In Store Photographer

We expect all our staff to be treated with common curtsey and respect. 


In House Games Master, DM , Chef

 Old hand at D&D looking to expand systems and skill sets.

Runs the Drinks & Dice Tuesday Nights
DBS Certified


Staff Member 
Store Manga/Anime Expert

Nerdy Manga Fan, astute, quiet and friendly. Dungeon Master

Sales & Store Watch


Sharp, astute, BoardGame lover,

Select Business Development and Outreach & Board Games Section & BG Social Media


In House Tech Bod, Demo Games Teacher, Retail, Model Maker

Avid Wargamer, 02:00 Hours Demo Teacher, Instore Model Maker, Gamer, Sales


Staff Member 

Sales assistant, general assistant, avid WH40k fan, model maker    

Jake – ‘The Weasel’


Mail Order Troll



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