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Opening Times 
Both Store & Venue 

Mon 4pm till 11pm
Tues 2pm till 11pm 
Wed- Fri – 11am till 11pm
Saturday 10:30 till 11pm
Sunday 11am till 10pm

Tabletop Games
& Wargaming Venue
Site in Nottingham

Its a chance to let you play games your way.

Tournament Space Available

Looking for a place to bring family and play board and card games then try us.

Some rules may apply to access

Great Nottingham
Wargaming Venue

Where epic battles & camaraderie await. Explore the friendly oasis of LeadBelt Games Arena, a hidden gem in the gaming world.

One of the things we do best

The LeadBelt Games Arena is a new and exciting destination for miniature, card and roleplay gaming enthusiasts in Nottinghamshire. Offering a wide range of services and activities, the venue is the perfect place for gamers of all ages and skill levels to come together and enjoy their hobby. gathering gamers from all over the UK and Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, etc

Monday Night CCGs

Mondays are our new CCG

We now carry Stock.
Pop in and grab yours

Pokemon ball pokeball

Nottingham CCGs
Pokemon, Magic the Gathering MtG, Netrunner, Yu-Gi-Oh 

The Venue Features

The venue features a spacious and well-appointed games area for miniature and war gaming, card gaming (CCG’s in Nottingham), and roleplaying. The games area is equipped with tables, terrain, and miniatures, making it the perfect place to host tournaments, events and casual gaming sessions. We have a Nottingham based Board game Cafe, with a solid community of players of all demographics.

In addition to the Games Area, the venue also boasts a fully-stocked hobby shop, offering an array of paints, brushes, and modelling supplies, as well as a wide selection of miniatures and other gaming accessories.

Board Game Cafe

What our customers say

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Beautiful service and very friendly atmosphere. Nearly got hit by a firework around the corner and they took my friend and I in, gave us tea and coffee and let us sit until we felt okay to leave. Fell in love with the place and will be returning to play some games!

Google Review

Jasmine Hallam

Went to the arena at the weekend, the venue is brilliant for playing games, good cheap parking nearby. Friendly staff and plenty of terrain. Good prices in the shop and plenty of space. Plus they support their local community. Next time in Nottingham, I will go again.

Google Review

Paul Howells

Price is great if you pay for monthly member if you visiting here more then twice a month.

Indoors is very chilled for a hot day which is a plus!Great boardgame place or DnD. Large space for your needs and a friendly boardgame community.

Google Review

Edwould Zilla

Join us. It will only take a minute.

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