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Looking for us?

You can easily find us at our convenient location, right n the edge of Sneinton Market, and the edge of the Creative Quarter.

Whether you’re stopping by for a visit, running errands and grabbing a new model or game, or meeting up with mates for a tabletop game, our location is easily accessible and close to many parking spots and public transport links.

We’re always happy to welcome visitors, so don’t hesitate to drop in and say hello.

And if you’re looking for us online, we’re just a click away.

Connect with us on our website and social media channels to stay up-to-date on all the latest news and events, and to engage with our community.

4 Longden Street, NG31JN

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The View from outside

Enjoy a Great times gaming and grab a deal at LeadBelt Gaming Arena

Lead Belt Gaming Arena, a wide range of gaming options for experienced and new gamers, including miniature gaming, hobby space, and roleplaying games. Join our inclusive community and experience the best in tabletop gaming.

Get to LeadBelt Gaming Arena 
by Walking?

Click on the Bus route to see step by step directions with maps, line arrival times and updated time schedules.

Find us by walking

Walking to us, if your trying this healthy option or walking from a local Carpark, then just follow these general guides and routes.


Driving to the venue, looking to park up outside or in the local Carparks then these might help.


Fan of public transport, Bus, Tram, Train, then these routes and guides can be an aid to getting to to our site. 

Our Address Situation

So Whats with our Multi Addresses and Placement of location?

The Business location was originally part of a much larger structure, and so it was one building. However after it was separated into Multi occupancy with flats and Businesses it split up.
Yet the Address has not on Google.!

23 Longden Street, Nottingham
4 Longden Street, Nottingham

LeadBelt Gaming Arena Map

Big Events Coming Up

Exciting things are on the horizon, as we have some big events coming up that are sure to make an impact. From industry Meet-Ups, to Nottingham Wargaming Conventions and product launches to community events and causal tabletop gaming, we’re gearing up for a busy season filled with opportunities to connect, learn, and grow.

Our team is hard at work, putting the finishing touches on these events to ensure they are unforgettable experiences for all involved. Stay tuned for more details, and get ready to mark your calendars
for the can’t-miss events of the season!

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New players of any age can jump into the magic with Disney Lorcana TCG Gateway, a special set designed for easy learning. Starting with 30-card decks, players gradually add more cards as they master the game's mechanics, building up to a full 60-card deck they can truly call their own. The set also includes a game board and character standees, making it a complete learning experience for just (Approximately) £22.99, launching on August 8th.

Get to LeadBelt Gaming Arena by
Car – local Parking?

“Getting to us by car” is a convenient and stress-free way to reach us. With these clear and easy-to-follow directions it should be easy to find us.

Local Car Parks

If you are traveling and looking to park, we have a car park directly across from us, on Aberdeen Street, Sneinton Market Square. However their are other options and these are linked also below. You can also look to try and park directly outside from us, on the street, or drop your stuff off and park after. 

Market Square

Address: Aberdeen Street

Max Height: 2m 28cm (7’ 6”)

Satellite navigation postcode: NGF3 1JB

Opening Hours: 24 Hours 7 Days

Capacity: 49 

Electric charging bays: (8 electric charge points)

Victoria Centre 

Address: (access  York Street or  Glasshouse Street)

Max Height: 6ft / 1.83m

Satellite navigation postcode:  NG1 3GX , NG1 3LW

Opening Hours: 24 Hours 7 Days

Capacity: 1,316

Electric charging bays: 24 (In our green zone)

Victoria Centre

Address: (access via  Woodborough Road)

Max Height: 6ft / 1.83m

Satellite navigation postcode: NG1 1QE

Opening Hours: 24 Hours 7 Days

Capacity: 972 vehicles

Electric charging bays: 8 (On level 1)

Lace Market Parking

Address: Pilcher Gate, NG1 1QE

Max Height: 1m 95cm (6’5″)

Satellite navigation postcode: NG1 1QE

Opening Hours: 24 Hours 7 Days

Capacity: 500 vehicles

Trinity Square Parking

Address: North Church Street, NG1 4AF

Max Height: 2m 5cm (6’9″)

Satellite navigation postcode: NG1 4BT

Opening Hours: 24 Hours 7 days

Capacity: 440 vehicles

Stoney Street

Address: Pilcher Gate, NG1 1QE

Max Height: 1m 91cm (6’3″)

Satellite navigation postcode: NG1 1LS

Opening Hours: 24 Hours 7 Days

Capacity: 289 vehicles

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