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Commission Modelling

At Winterdyne Commission Modelling, we’ve been crafting miniature masterpieces since 2009. Our Nottingham-based studio has become synonymous with excellence in the miniature wargaming industry. Whether you’re a gaming company seeking top-tier miniatures or an individual gamer looking for something special, we’re here to deliver exceptional craftsmanship.

3D Printing and Commission Painter

Winterdyne 3D Prints

Our Commitment: We specialize in rapid turnaround, high-quality commercial work, backed by studio-quality photography suitable for box art and promotional use.

With a decade of experience, we’ve served clients and customers worldwide, from New Zealand to the USA.

Our dedication to excellence sets us apart.

In-House Designed and 3D Printed Products: Explore our range of unique in-house designed and 3D printed products in our web shop.

These treasures are a testament to our innovation and dedication to the wargaming community.

From miniatures to terrain, we have something special waiting for you.

Winterdyne 3p Printing

Can’t find a specific wargaming product you’re looking for? Contact us at Below and we’ll explore new possibilities to meet your needs.

Diverse Wargaming Accessories

Our diverse range of wargaming accessories includes movement trays, base adapters, and more.

Whether you’re playing Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar, or other popular games, we have products tailored to your needs.

City of Tarok

Fantasy Medieval Marvel: Discover our standout offering, the City of Tarok range of buildings. These fantasy medieval structures are meticulously crafted to add depth and character to your gaming tabletop. Experience our dedication to producing top-tier wargaming scenery.

Visit Us at Leadbelt Games Arena

Explore our products in person at Leadbelt Games Arena, located in Sneinton Market, Nottingham. See our craftsmanship up close and take home something special for your gaming collection.

For over a decade, Winterdyne Commission Modelling has been a name synonymous with excellence in the world of miniature wargaming. Explore our offerings, visit our studio, and experience the magic of Winterdyne for yourself. We’re here to elevate your gaming experience with our craftsmanship and dedication to the wargaming community.

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