Helen Powell

A small Nottingham Craft Maker and Seller within us.

Hello and welcome to Hell’s Smells Scents! My name is Helen Powell and I am the proud owner and creator behind this small business. I specialize in handmade soaps that are designed with love and care, many of which are inspired by the LGBTQ community. I am a self-employed creative crafter and small business manager with a passion for creating handmade soaps, Candles, and skin care products that are both beautiful and good for your skin. With a supportive husband, 4 kids (2 children, and two stepchildren) and a grandchild, I am inspired by the love and joy they bring to my life and I channel this into each soap I make. I hope my soaps bring a touch of luxury and happiness to your daily routine.

At Hell’s Smells Scents, we are passionate about bringing our handcrafted soaps to the local community. That’s why we regularly attend makers and craft markets, where we can showcase our products and meet our customers in person. Whether you’re a longtime fan of our soaps or just discovering us for the first time, we invite you to come to visit us at one of our market events. You’ll be able to sample our scents, learn more about our ingredients and process, and take home a bar (or two!) of our luxurious soaps. We love connecting with our customers and sharing our passion for all-natural, inclusive products. We hope to see you soon!

“I wasn’t really familiar with the LGBTQ community when I first stumbled upon Hell’s Smells Scents, but I was immediately drawn in by the beautiful scents and the quality of the soaps. I ended up buying a few bars as a gift for my wife and she loves them! She raves about the luxurious feel and the wonderful scents. I have to admit, I’m a convert too – these soaps make for a great addition to my shower routine. Who knew soap could be so enjoyable?”

– Dave Ellis, Soap Lover

Embracing inclusivity transcends fleeting trends; it’s a profound celebration of diversity that echoes in every corner of society. At Hell’s Smells Scents, our commitment to inclusivity is more than a marketing strategy; it’s a heartfelt pledge embedded in every fragrant molecule we create. Our scents defy societal norms, elegantly navigating through the rigid expectations of gender, and shower the LGBTQ+ community with every effervescent burst of colour and aroma.

Opting for Hell’s Smells Scents isn’t merely about pampering your skin; it’s a deliberate choice to become an alchemist of acceptance, a revolutionary redefining beauty, and a conductor orchestrating the joyous symphony of diversity. With each opulent swirl of our lather, you unleash ripples of acceptance – a tidal wave of affirmation that washes away fear and prejudice. You boldly assert that every shade in the human rainbow deserves a spotlight, that strength resonates in every voice, and that love, in all its dazzling forms, deserves a coronation.

Inclusivity, beyond its moral imperative, is a dynamic catalyst for creativity. Dismantling barriers spark innovation and nurtures a profound understanding of the human experience. Choosing Hell’s Smells Scents isn’t just an act of self-care; it’s a conscious nod to the celebration of diversity. So, fully embrace the richness of diversity. Immerse yourself in the invigorating lather of inclusivity, and let your soap serve as a tangible commitment to embracing differences. Transform every shower into a vibrant celebration of individuality, cleansing away doubts and uncertainties with every fragrant drop. In a world where bubbles dance on rainbows, every bath becomes a resounding proclamation: diversity is our luminous tapestry, and inclusivity is the most empowering fragrance of all.


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