LeadBelt Games Arena Grand Opening

‘Roguelike’ at LeadBelt Gaming Arena’s

  • DM: You turn the corner and see a bustling notice board outside the D&D Tavern on RPG Street. A 💥MASSIVE💥 announcement is being posted.
  • PLAYER 1: What does the notice say?
  • DM: The notice reads, “Join us on Sunday, August 20th, at the LGA GRAND OPENING WEEKENDER event! Our very own Roleplaying Games Specialist, Christian T, will be hosting DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ‘Roguelike’ sessions throughout the day.”
  • The man pasting the notice gives you a sly look and asks, “Interested, are you?”
  • PLAYER 2: While keeping an eye on the man, I inquire, “What’s this ‘Roguelike’ all about? How can we join?”
  • DM: The man checks his surroundings and leans in. He replies with a wild grin, “DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ‘Roguelike’ offers a chance for players, whether newbies or seasoned adventurers, to enjoy fast-paced, bite-sized D&D experiences!”
  • PLAYERS: That sounds intriguing!
  • DM: The man continues excitedly, “Christian’s sessions are full of randomness from dice rolls, leading to chaotic battles, tricky puzzles, and everything in between. You’ll face peril and save princesses from giant Ooze Monsters, all in the blink of an eye!”
  • PLAYERS: How do we sign up?
  • DM: The man assures you, “Just swing by the GRAND OPENING WEEKENDER event on August 20th and express your interest. You’ll be diving into the magic and mayhem of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ‘Roguelike’ before you know it. And remember, there’s plenty more to enjoy at the event too.”
  • PLAYER 3: What about Saturday, August 19th? Will Christian be hosting any RPG activities then?
  • DM: Let’s leave it to chance. Roll a D20 for luck.
  • [Player 3 rolls a D20]
  • PLAYER 3: A 2!
  • DM: The man chuckles and says, “You’re in luck, my friends! On Saturday, Christian will be available to answer RPG questions and discuss WARHAMMER 40K (10th Edition). If you’re curious about getting into the hobby at LeadBelt Games Arena, he’s the one to talk to.”
  • EVERYONE: That’s fantastic! We’ll definitely be there on both Saturday and Sunday!

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