My name is Gary and I am one of the founders who started the Nottingham Board and Wargames Club with Matt Anderson, then I moved forward with HobbySpotz and Now LeadBelt Arena. I have been in the industry on and off for over 3 decades and have a good understanding of the spaces, business and trends within Tabletop gaming and gaming in general. So with my wife, Helen, and others from our little collective over at HobbySpotz, we started to look at gaming and the space as somewhere to help others be themselves.
Helen Powell
Hello and welcome to Hell's Smells Scents! My name is Helen Powell and I am the proud owner and creator behind this small business. I specialize in handmade soaps that are designed with love and care, many of which are inspired by the LGBTQ community. I am a self-employed creative crafter and small business manager with a passion for creating handmade soaps, Candles, and skin care products that are both beautiful and good for your skin. With a supportive husband, 2 children, two stepchildren, and a grandchild, I am inspired by the love and joy they bring to my life and I channel this into each soap I make. I hope my soaps bring a touch of luxury and happiness to your daily routine.
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