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Welcome to the vibrant world of wargaming in Nottingham, a city steeped in a rich history of strategic battles, fantastical realms, and miniature armies. Nestled in the heart of the English East Midlands, Nottingham has emerged as a bustling hub for this beloved hobby, attracting enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. Join us as we journey through time, delving into the origins and evolution of wargaming in this captivating city.

A Legacy Takes Shape:

Games Workshop and Citadel Miniatures No discussion on the history of wargaming in Nottingham would be complete without paying homage to Games Workshop and Citadel Miniatures. In the early 1980s, Bryan Ansell, a visionary entrepreneur, brought Games Workshop to Nottingham, following the establishment of Citadel Miniatures in nearby Newark, Nottinghamshire, in 1979. This marked a turning point for the local gaming community, as Games Workshop quickly rose to prominence, becoming the largest wargames miniature manufacturer in the world.

The Birth of the Lead Belt As Games Workshop flourished, Nottingham’s gaming landscape expanded, earning the moniker of the “Lead Belt.” This nickname stemmed from the concentration of wargame manufacturers in the area, with Games Workshop at its epicentre. The Lead Belt became a haven for creative minds and enthusiasts, fostering camaraderie and innovation within the wargaming industry.

Spawn of the Lead Belt:

A Thriving Miniature Market The influence of Games Workshop’s success reverberated throughout Nottingham, leading to a flourishing ecosystem of wargaming companies. Former Games Workshop staff, inspired by their experiences, ventured out to establish their own enterprises. Today, the Lead Belt is home to approximately 8 to 10 companies that collectively dominate an astounding 90% of the British wargames miniature market. These companies, with their unwavering dedication and artistic prowess, have further propelled Nottingham into the global spotlight of wargaming excellence.

From Tabletops to Tours:

Wargaming Culture in Nottingham Beyond the manufacturing prowess, Nottingham has become a pilgrimage site for wargaming enthusiasts. The city’s vibrant wargaming culture is palpable, with organized tours tailored to welcome gamers from North America and beyond. Visitors embark on immersive journeys, exploring the workshops, stores, and gaming clubs that have made Nottingham a hotbed for this captivating hobby. The Lead Belt’s allure is undeniable, inviting gamers to witness the birthplace of their favourite miniatures and engage with a passionate community of like-minded individuals.

Preserving the Legacy:

Nottingham’s Enduring Impact Nottingham’s influence on wargaming extends far beyond its borders. The city’s storied history and concentration of talent have inspired countless hobbyists, fueling their imagination and creativity. With a keen eye for detail, Nottingham’s wargaming companies have continued to push the boundaries of Miniature design, introducing awe-inspiring realms and iconic characters to captivate gamers of all ages. Furthermore, the city’s legacy is preserved through events like Warhammer Fest and participation in international conventions, where Nottingham’s wargaming heritage is proudly showcased to a global audience.

Final Thoughts:

So As we conclude our exploration of the history of wargaming in Nottingham, we marvel at the enduring legacy that Games Workshop and its counterparts have created. From humble beginnings to a global phenomenon, Nottingham’s Lead Belt stands as a testament to the power of passion, creativity, and community. Whether you’re a seasoned wargamer or a curious newcomer, Nottingham beckons you to immerse yourself in its fantastical realms and embark on epic adventures limited only by the boundaries of your imagination

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