Thursday evenings are fast becoming one of our busiest and most vibrant, diverse and enjoyable gaming sessions of the week! Not only are we seeing more and more Board Gamers attending our dedicated weekly Social (so many last night that we burst at the seams and onto tables in the wargaming area), but Thursday is also very often the day of choice for one or two RPG groups, TCG'ers and skirmishers/wargamers... and we love it!
It was yet another multi-discipline mega-day at the Arena yesterday... the Sunday Board Game Social session was well-attended again... and the rest of the space was nicely packed with tabletop gamers playing all manner of adventures and battles... ...a seven-strong Dungeons & Dragons group... enthralling mini-tournament of Warhammer 40K...
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The Board Game Social crowd spent a chilly evening in the warm embrace of good company and great games last night! And the Arena was once again abuzz with players of other tabletop fare too... an RPG group in our private room, a couple of tables of WH40K, and our now-regular Thursday night MORDHEIM bunch battling it out together.
A beginner's guide to the various board games!
Board games are still booming, even in today’s digital age. Whether it’s during a game night with friends or a battle between parents and kids on the living room floor, board games are a beloved source of fun and competition. While classics like “Sorry!” and “Candy Land” are popular for all ages, some games are designed especially for adults. They help reduce stress, promote social interaction, and develop individuals' interests. So which are the hottest board games for adults, according to expert reviewers?
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