As Games Workshop established its roots in Nottingham, the city's gaming landscape experienced a significant transformation. The concentration of wargame manufacturers in the area, with Games Workshop at the forefront, led to the emergence of the renowned "Lead Belt." This name symbolizes the abundance of companies dedicated to producing wargaming miniatures and creating a haven for enthusiasts.
My name is Gary and I am one of the founders who started the Nottingham Board and Wargames Club with Matt Anderson, then I moved forward with HobbySpotz and Now LeadBelt Arena. I have been in the industry on and off for over 3 decades and have a good understanding of the spaces, business and trends within Tabletop gaming and gaming in general. So with my wife, Helen, and others from our little collective over at HobbySpotz, we started to look at gaming and the space as somewhere to help others be themselves.
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