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The impact of anime and manga on the entertainment industry

Anime and manga have had a significant impact on the entertainment industry in a number of ways. Some of the most notable impacts include:

  1. Increasing popularity: Anime and manga have become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more people becoming interested in the mediums. This has led to a growing market for anime and manga in Japan and worldwide.
  1. Cross-cultural appeal: Anime and manga have a broad cross-cultural appeal, which has helped to make them popular worldwide. This has led to the creation of anime and manga communities in many countries and has also helped to make these mediums more mainstream.
  2. Diversifying the entertainment industry: Anime and manga have helped to diversify the entertainment industry, providing alternative forms of entertainment for audiences who might not be interested in traditional Western animation or comics.
  3. Inspiration for other forms of media: Anime and manga have also served as an inspiration for other forms of media, such as video games, movies, and TV series. This has helped to increase the popularity of these mediums and has also helped to create a crossover audience between anime and manga fans and fans of other forms of media.
  4. Expansion of streaming services: The rise of streaming services has also played a significant role in the increasing popularity of anime and manga. Online streaming services like Crunchyroll, Funimation and Netflix have made it easier for people to access anime and manga and have also helped to increase the popularity of these mediums.
  5. Economic impact: The success of anime and manga has also had an economic impact, creating jobs in animation, illustration, and publishing. It also attracts tourism, with many anime and manga fans travelling to Japan to visit locations that inspired their favourite series.

Overall, anime and manga have had a significant impact on the entertainment industry, increasing in popularity, diversifying the industry and creating an economic impact. They continue to inspire other forms of media and attract

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