Dive into the world of Malifaux, a tabletop game like no other. Experience the thrill of flipping cards instead of rolling dice, as you navigate a unique resolution mechanic that adds depth and strategy to each action. With the Fate Deck at your disposal, manipulate the outcome, cheat fate, and unleash the power of the Red and Black Jokers. Engage in five turns of alternating activations, focusing on fulfilling secret Schemes and strategic planning. Explore diverse playstyles with thematic crews led by unique Masters. Discover the accessible entry point of small crew sizes and affordable models. Prepare for an immersive gameplay experience that will test your skills and captivate your imagination in the weird and intriguing world of Malifaux.
Join the vibrant community at the Leadbelt Games Arena for an exhilarating Deadzone Gaming Night. Experience the intense skirmish battles, engage in campaigns, and unleash your creativity in this post-apocalyptic tabletop miniature game.
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